Nido provides a space for local university clubs to get organized and communicate with eachother and other similiar clubs around the world. 

Social webb service that organizes and connects local university clubs.

Pre seed investment.

NIDO (2019)

CLIMEON (2013)

Climeon is a public company, listed on the Stockholm Nasdaq Stock Exchange. The company is located in Stockholm, Sweden and has 70+ employees. Climeon has customers and partners all over the world and in various industries.


Climeon Heat Power produces clean electricity from low-temperature heat. Climeon turns heat into clean electricity 24/7, unaffected by weather conditions.

We invested in the Seed A and B round and the company went public in 2017 through an IPO.


A private real estate company with engaged and committed founders focused on building, buying, developing and maintaining real estate close to lake Mälaren in Västerås with surroundings. 


The company is based in Västerås. 

25% owned by SPIUT Invest.

EVUMA (2013)

Platform for studying mathematics that can apply areas of interest and geography into learning mathematics.


Seed investment in a important area in collaboration with students from Stockholm School of Economics.

Acquired by "Natur och Kultur" 2014,

one of Sweden's largest publishers in the field of science.



The largest marketplace for driving schools and driving students.


The company has developed a platform for advanced search, price comparison, booking and different payment methods including financing of the driving license.

Seed investment


A sustainable tech company based in Seattle, US.


Clean Republic is our first US investment. The company provides solutions within four areas - electric bikes, lithium batteries, lithium powder, and solar energy.

Seed investment


Insurance company that offers instant insurances through a mobile solution.


The company is focused on using innovative technique and new business models to communicate, increase availability and lower prices of insurances so that it becomes easier to insure the things that are important.

Seed investment


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